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outdoor waterproof 230W beam light

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  • Brand name:JKDZ
  • Light Source:Metal Halide Lamp
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Input Voltage:220v
  • Color:Color Changing
  • Life: 50000h
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  • Brand name:JKDZ
  • Light Source:Metal Halide Lamp
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Input Voltage:220v
  • Color:Color Changing
  • Life: 50000h

Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZ

Bulb: excellent light MSD280w/Osram 230W  330W   optional

Total power: 230W  330W

Luminous flux of 7950 lm

Up to 8000K color temperature

Color Wheel: a color wheel from 13 colors + white composition

Gobo wheel: 6 gobos + 3D dynamic effects + watermarks /effects of fire lines

Gobo size: 14.5mm diameter

Prism: 8 Prism and Prism 3D effect 6

Lens: High-resolution optical lens

Focus: Electronic focus

Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming

Beam angle: 3.8-45 degrees

Control mode: DMX512, master-slave,self-propelled

Channel: Channel 16/22

Features: The Promise focus zoom,prism positioning

IP Protection: IP44

Display: LCD

Dimensions: 740x370x380mm

Gross Weight: 21KG

Cooling system: the use of CFD software for analysis and calculation of heat flow fixtures,

the design of low-noise cooling system,fan drive performance,low noise.Power module 

design:Imported electronic ballasts and independent R & D power (+ 99% efficacy),lighting the 

whole power supply system more stable, functional run more smoothly.

Features: KY-4000 waterproof design lamp is designed for outdoor projects our company, 

fountains,plazas,parks,gardens and other outdoor lighting design placed the long-term pattern 

of lights,lamps composed by all aluminum enclosure. A range of 1,000 meters, 120 meters pattern 

logo, stereoscopic 3D effect can also be achieved.KY-4000 outdoor weatherproof lamp is a new 

advertising media,a part of the projection advertising. It is the use of a high-power projection 

equipment,the use of optical projection principle,the use of high-brightness light source,the 

full-color advertising content on the film projected onto the customer needs projection surface 

to form a highly visual impact of outdoor or indoor advertising 

KY-4000 outdoor weatherproof dynamic lamp designed for special occasions,especially for 

special events department stores, specialized retailers,banks,hotels,exhibition exhibitions, 

restaurants,museums,galleries,studio,radio,auto 4S shops and reception hall etc.Our company's 

large-scale equipment for sports racing games,theme parks and outdoor advertising applications.

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